Business Advisory

We Have More Than 40 Years of Team Experience

to provide our clients with the exceptional quality of service.

We pride ourselves in offering value proposition to our clients. We can assist you in:

arrowBusiness Structuring

We can help you in assessing which business structure is most beneficial for you and set it up. A right business structure can result in significant cost savings or asset accumulation for you in the medium term to longer term.

arrowImproving Business Efficiency

Profitability of the business can be improved remarkably through improving the ways the business is operated. Through our proven methods, we can assist you to achieve business efficiency, hence improving the profitability of your business.

arrowBusiness Growth Strategies

Business needs growth to maintain its momentum. We can work with you to figure out the target markets and strategies to grow your business both in existing markets as well as new or emerging markets.

arrowCash flow Improvement

Cash is involved in every business life cycle activity including inventory management, debtors, creditors, and payroll etc. Better management of cash flows requires analysis and improvement in business life cycle activities. We can help you to improve the cash flows of your business significantly.

arrowBusiness Planning and Key
Performance Indicators

We team has the expertise to develop business plans for your business. It can include setting budgets, forecasts and key performance indicators. We can have regular or set meetings with you to improve the performance.

arrowBusiness Financing and Funding

We can help you to prepare business plans and secure business funding from a range of sources at highly competitive rates. It includes trade finance, term finance and revolving facilities. We can also offer you solutions to optimise capital structure.

arrowExport Grants

Our team is there for you to explore and increase your business share in export markets through export grants. We can work with you to obtain export grants for your business.

arrowBenchmarking and Competitor

It is important for your business to compete effectively with your competitors. We can do benchmarking and competitor analysis for your business to compete effectively.

arrowStrategic Business Planning

Your business may require strategic alignment to achieve the goals you set for your business. It could be in terms of expanding your business, entering into partnership or joint venture with other business, entering into new markets or even reducing the size of your business. We can work with you on strategic planning and how to achieve these goals effectively.

arrowSuccession Planning and Exit

You may be at a stage of business where you may need to do succession planning. You may be considering sale of your business. We can help you to prepare for it and plan your path to achieve the best outcome.

arrowBusiness Valuation

We provide business valuation services. The business valuation could be required for a number of purposes including sale/ purchase of business, financing, capital raising, or insurance purposes.

arrowSystems Implementation

Does your business need a new accounting system or whether your business needs to move from one system to another or convert from manual operation to a system, we can do cost benefit analysis for you and also project manage the implementation.


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