Corporate Financial Planning



  • Review your current superannuation fund.
  • Provide high quality but competitively priced super products to your employees.
  • Provide high quality but competitively priced super products to your employees.
  • Organising free super health check for your employees.
  • Consolidating your employees super and insurance policies in one place for ease of management and cost reduction.
  • Providing super investment advice to your employees.

Key Person Insurance

  • Key person insurance compensates business for the loss of a key person.
  • Protects business profitability and capital value against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Helps surviving business partners to fulfil their liabilities as joint guarantors of the loans.

 Key Person Insurance

 Buy/ Sell Insurance

Buy / Sell Insurance

  • A business partner’s death, disability or terminal illness can have a significant impact on a business.
  • Upon the death or termination of a business partner, his/her family or estate may insist on running the business but may not have the skill on the attributes to run the business as a result the business might end up performing poorly.
  • Buy / Sell insurance can provide a lump sum payment to the estate/family of the terminating partner in exchange of their share of business transferred to the surviving partners.

Group Life, TPD and Income Protection Insurance

  • Provides a cheaper alternative to retail life insurances.
  • Provides an automatically accepted cover in most of the circumstances without the need of medical tests (Underwriting).
  • At RSB we can review your employee’s personal situation and tailor a suitable insurance plan to their needs.
  • Provide top rated competitive insurance products to your employees.


A financially sound employee
is more productive

Satisfied and also more likely to stay with their current employer than a financially unstable employee. Therefore employers are increasingly looking into assisting employees in securing their financial wellbeing, which is over and above paying them an attractive remuneration. This can be achieved by providing them financial advice as a staff benefit. In most circumstances this can be provided at no cost to you or your employees.

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