Home Loans by Hexagon Tax ProfessionalsAt Hexagon Financial Services, we know how difficult and confusing acquiring a home loan and other types of financing can be for the average individual, It is for this reason that we provide our clients with all the help that they will ever need in every area of their financial life, up to and including a home loan.

Navigating The Home Loan Waters

There is a extremely wide range of home loan products available. Finding the best overall home loan is a confusing and daunting exercise. We help to give our clients peace of mind when it comes to navigating these financial waters. We have a number of leading banks and numerous other lending institutions from which we have selected in order to give you the choice that best suits you and your requirements. Hexagon Financial Services Knows how important our clients success is to their families and nothing is as important as procuring the best possible financial opportunity for the home in which they raise their families.

A Residential Home Loan And More

Services in the area of any type of financial loans, including home loans include but are not necessarily limited to…

  • Residential Home Loan (Regulated)
  • Residential Investment Loan (Unregulated)
  • Standard Variable Loan
  • Basic Variable Loans
  • Fixed Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Car Leasing and Hire Purchase
  • Margin Lending
  • Mortgage Buster Programs and Strategies
  • Other loans

Hexagon Financial Services home loan plus car buying and finance service as offered to their clients

“Looking for a great new car? Looking for a great car price? Looking for a hassle free experience?” 

Home Loan Plus

There are many reasons to purchase a new automobile. Often, a new model will offer far superior gas mileage to the make and model that you are driving now and will ultimately save you money. Many families outgrow their current automobile when new family members are born. Many families have children who are turning sixteen and will need another family car. It may even be time to trade that family station wagon in for something a bit sportier. Regardless of the reasons, Hexagon Financial Services is there for their clients and all of their financial needs.

Finance Is Our Business

Hexagon Financial Services can give you exclusive access to Jivve! An exclusive car buying service and experience, Jivve can get you a great price on your new car and make your next vehicle purchase quick and easy. Whether you are looking for a car to run around town in, a van for your delivery business or an SUV for all the kids and their friends, Jivve can help you out and put you in exactly what you need. With Dealer Partners in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA covering all major brands of automobiles, Jivve will get you and your family driving in no time! Hexagon Financial Services Home Loan Plus is always there for our clients.

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