SMSF Tax and AuditFor over 15 years, the professionals at Hexagon Financial Services have helped numerous clients with their retirement vehicle to include Self managed Super fund (SMSF).

We can help with your entire fund establishment: set-up, investment advice, administration, compliance, tax and accounting & Audit and all other rollover and regulatory documentation such as miniutes, investment strategy, life insurance etc.

Easy SMSF Setup and Audit

Hexagon Financial Services will help you find solutions to your SMSF problems quickly and efficiently ensuring that all the needs running a SMSF are met and compliant.


We provide the following Advice:

  • Accounting, ABN and TFN
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Member reporting
  • Tax and Capital gains tax
  • SMSF Setup and Audit (Self Manage Superannuation Fund)
  • Regulatory Returns
  • Administration superannuation funds
  • Structuring pensions services
  • Super Fund compliance reviews
  • Wealth acceleration via Borrowing
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Investment & Contributions advice

Reasons why you should consider your own SMSF Setup and Audit

Self-managed super is the largest and fastest growing super sector in Australia and over 2,000 new funds are established every month, adding to the current total of over 400,000. Smart super strategies include:

  1. Personalize your investment
  2. Purchase direct property tax-effectively
  3. keep it all in the family maximium 4 members.
  4. Grow your super with borrowed money
  5. Make Illness and death insurance more affordable
  6. Claim death and disability benefits as a tax deduction within super.

Investments you can make within your SMSF include:

Shares, Term Deposits, Bonds, Business real property, Direct Residential Property, Managed funds, Property trusts, and many more. For more risk appetite investors can also invest in artwork, coins and stamps etc. Ideally, all you need to start a SMSF is super savings around $200,000 or more in order for it to be cost effective. However, a lesser amount could be ok as long as you plan to bring it up to $200,000 plus in a short period of time.

Your Personal SMSF can be used as an Accumulation Superannuation, Transitional to Retirement or Personal Pension Vehicle. To start just follow the three simple steps:

1. SETUP: The cost of SMSF Setup

  • Recommondation to start a SMSF, we need to provide a Statement Of Advice (SOA) cost starts from $2,200 for a Basic SMSF.
  • Plus Setup which include a shelf  SMSF TRUST DEED and a SHELF COMPANY PTY LTD ACTING AS A TRUSTEE, TFN, ABN, GST can start from $1650*.
  • Plus Another Extra cost to include borrowing arrangement per asset to invest in Direct Property or Shares etc starting another from $1650*.
  • Plus extra cost we can also include investment strategy, rollover or start a pension, financial planning advice or revised SOA.

2.  ONGOING: Plus The cost of running, or your ongoing cost, depends upon what level of services you require:

External costs:

  • ASIC annual fee and Australian Taxation Office fees annual fee/levy
  • ASIC and ATO Penalites for non compliance or breaches of SIS act 

Plus we offer the following ongoing services at a cost:

  • Accounting and tax and Financial Statements from $1500*
  • Administration and compliance per hour
  • SMSF Audits from $850
  • Investment strategy update per hour
  • Insurance and Financial Planning recommodation per hour or flat fee
  • Transition To Retirement Pension, TTR or TRIS applies to ages between 55 to 65 and still working who meet the preservation age cost per hour or flat fee
  • Full Pension for those who have retired and meet the preservation age cost per hour or flat fee
  • Other services

3.  EXIT: The cost of exiting varies; but, will start from $550*.

* These rates are subject to change at any time.

Who Benefits From SMSF Setup and Audit

A Self Managed Super Fund is ideal for those with a large balance, and those who want to control their investments, such as real estate, starting a pension phase, transitioning to retirement, or borrowing to invest or individuals who want full control of their superannuation and who are responsible.

If you still require more information to see if a SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) is right for you, please go to the ATO website. It contains more information on your superannuation choices and regulations, including SMSF Setup and Audit, as well as the obligations of the trustees.

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